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The film illustrates the workings of the project and shows how one would experience this interactive and dynamic installation in the heart of Chinatown.

The piece Chinatown WORK, 2006 shows passer-bys and pedestrians walking by the installation, the computer processes the silhouette and masks out the frame of the interior image. The passer-by blends the two scales of information, one interior image of a garment factory and the exterior image of time-lapse footage of food markets on Mott Street. The resultant composited image is projected onto the screen or wall surface, changing the texture and image in real time as people walks by.

The installation allows the public to fully participate and interact with the piece, allowing a heightened relationship between the context, workers and the environment of Chinatown itself. The project hopes to engage the larger community and celebrate the individual while raising the identity of the people inhabiting the interior and exterior fabric of Chinatown.

The mock-up is 1 minute 20 seconds long. It is recommended that it be viewed on a high-speed internet connection with flash 8.

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